Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

So, this week we got to go around and tell everyone including the Less Actives about Conference! I sure hoped they saw it! Cause it was just amazing.

We went over and visited this Less Active name Ruby Cade. She's an old black grandmother who takes care of 7 grandchildren by herself. Their parents didn't want them, so she took them and has been raising them ever since. She's an amazing woman! We discussed with her the worth of souls and how much her Father in Heaven loves her. We invited her to see conference and come back to Church. Tears flowed in her eyes. She's just an amazing woman!

General Conference soon followed after this. I really enjoyed it!

One talk that i really want to focus on that makes me better in the one given by Elder Jorg. He explained some very important principles that I personally need to take to heart and do better at. He reminded us to see where we were at spiritually with god. He told us to stop making excuses on why your right and someone else is wrong and then he gave us these 6 points.

  1. Be honest enough to admit your faults and then TAKE care of YOURSELF!!!! 
  2. Embrace Obedience - you can't love God and break his commandments. 
  3. Become good at repenting! Haha! 
  4. Establish a HAPPY on-going-repentance and become good at forgiving - don't hold grudges. 
  5. Don't think you don't need apply to these commandments. 
  6. EXPECT setbacks. Trials happen because you are being faithful. Acknowledge your weakness and DON'T let them immobilize you. 

There was one other talk that I took to heart, given by Elder Carlos A. Godol. He talked about how can we make the best choices.
  • Think about the future consequences. 
  • Prepare for the challenges that come along with your choice. 
  • Share your vision with others that you love. 
I really liked this because it gave me a better outlook on how to deal with my depression.

I really enjoyed General Conference! I hope all of you got to experience what I experienced.

- Elder Anderson

[The 184th Semiannual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (October 4-5, 2014)]

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