Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 22, 2014

Hey Family,

I love and miss you so much!

The MTC has literally changed my life! Everything is so much easier now and the spirit is so strong! People are telling me they can just see the spirit in my eyes, and when I bare testimony of something they just feel the power! I feel it too! I love this Gospel so much!

I’m so proud of you all for praying! Make sure Amanda writes me. I haven’t gotten anything from her. :( Brooke has been wonderful! The comments you all send to me really help when I get them. PLEASE, PLEASE keep writing me! It doesn’t have to be everyday, but I look forward to hear from you each day!

I want to invite you all to have at least 1 FHE a week on any day. I know it will help you all grow more closer as a family. Keep praying always! I spend at least half my day on my knees praying for help!

We are teaching 4 investigators right now! We got one to commit to baptism, 1 to pray to God and she just cried her eyes out. WOW, such a spiritual experience! The other 2 are still progress but we will get there!

I want you all to grow really close together while I’m gone. I’m realizing how important family is and how I took it for granted. PLEASE develop a spiritual bond with each other furthermore!

One challenge in our MTC is once you get good at something take it one step further. Continue to better yourself. Also write down a goal that you all want to do better as a family and keep it on a place where you all can see it! As you fulfill these you can grow in Spirit with me!

Family, my testimony is so so strong now. Really I’m learning so much. The Spirit really teaches you so much and I want you to come apart of that.

Amanda and Derrik, I challenge you both to prep yourselves for temple work a little bit harder each day. Continue to progress - don’t stay idle! Do more and more!

Mom and Dad, I challenge you both to have companion prayer at night with each other and by yourselves morning and night. Pour your soul to God.

Brooke, I challenge you to keep up your hard work with school don't get discouraged.

We are Andersons!!!! We can do hard things.

I know all is possible through the Lord Jesus Christ. His Grace really is sufficient for all of us. Just try and little and he will do the rest. But you have to make that first step.

Also, Thank you Ken and Darlene for the food! I loved it!

Brooke, the banana pineapple bread is soooooo good! Ahhhhh!!! I loved it.

Really, though, these letters I’m getting are so helpful - thank you for supporting me!

On our first Sunday night we got to talk to Elder Bednar and we asked him questions and had a nice 30 minute discussion about the Gospel. He taught us so much about Christ and His characteristics and now we can apply them. I realized how imperfect I really am. But that’s okay. He talked about how we need to bring ourselves outward and not inward. Focus on others and pay attention to when you are turning inward.

I love you all! Keep writing me please!

In the name of the Son, Jesus Christ, amen.


Elder Anderson

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 15, 2014

Dad, the MTC is so great! I'm loving it and I'm hating it! It's so hard but so fullfilling! I've been made a zone leader over my districts already (second day there). I'm blown away that I was already called to such a high calling! I know the these responsibilities will make me! I miss you and the family so much! Please tell them all I love them!

Dad, promise me you guys will have family prayer from here on out! I have such a testimony now of prayer and kneeling together and praying! Please keep praying for me its hard out here but I love it!

Something also cool is my companion is Elder Fowler and we are so much the same! We both love working out, gym, singing, we both have a great knowledge of the Gospel ... it's so nice to start off with someone like this! My P-days are on thursday so I'll check them once every week! Getting up hasn't been hard for me at all so far. We've been doing really well together! Oh ummm we forgot to pack my work out shorts haha so you guys need to send them to me! I don't have my address to send to you and I can't go get it or else my time will be cut short. I want to use every minute I got with you guys!

Family, this experience is already changing my life. I'm gaining a greater understanding of the Gospel and what I'm called to do. We met with our branch president and told us only 2 callings you get called as an Elder. He said the missionaries and Apostles. That's how important our calling is. We literally represent Jesus Christ. The difference between us was put like this, "we are the smaller A and the apostles are the bigger A because they live this everyday" we are in the Apostles' shoes right now! I'm so ready to go out and serve! I know the gospel but right now the MTC is teaching me patience and the routine!

Working out has been good so far, we kinda have to improvise with what we got. We are making good time for working out. The Lord blesses us if we are obedient.  He somehow figures out how to make time for us to take care of ourselves.

I miss all of you so so much and I want you to know I love all of you so much. Do not fight or have contention between each other. Love each other and serve each other like Christ serves you. I've already had such wonderful experiences and miracles happen. I got sick and I said a prayer and instantly it was gone. Also my pen ran out of ink as I was writing and it was during note taking so I couldn't afford to stop taking notes I said a quick prayer and bam ink flowd through the pen like crazy!!!!!

I got to  teach a Christian man who lost his daughter when she was born and his wife. He felt guilty of loosing his child and he wanted to see them again but didnt bnelieve he could be a good person because he killed his daughter. We told him that it's not his fault she died. She lived for 3 days. I made him read  D&C 137: 8,10. He began to sob and reread it at least 10 times. His life has already changed and so has mine.

My time is running out! I love you all and miss you all! Please write me its hard to keep positive out here. Pray always and on your knees! It shows such humility. You can just feel the love of God. Tell Brooke I found her little note in my journal and it made me cry. I love you all so much.


Elder Anderson

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hello Elder Anderson

Our Bo was set apart Tuesday night by Pres. Tranter as an Elder, called to serve the Lord in the Louisiana Bayon Rouge mission. After that, his sisters bought him his favorite Superman ice cream and we watched movies for the last time for 2 years.

Wednesday was packed with emotion, obviously. Cale, Bo's best friend, joined us in our sleepover and in dropping him off at the MTC. We had breakfast at Village Inn in Provo - where Bo dripped red strawberry sauce from his crepes down his tie. It was pretty funny. Thank heavens for Tide pens!

After that we visited the LDS Provo Utah Temple. The temple's in a truly beautiful and mountainous location. It's back drop is earth and blue sky. It faces Utah Valley and looks out over Utah Lake. It's also a short walk from the MTC.

Family pictures were fun. We are a goofy bunch - and perhaps that's an understatement.

We piled in and headed for the drop off. The workers said to be quick about it - the drop off. Regardless of how much restraint I personally had to stay in the car, I couldn't. He's my baby brother! Of course I'd go to him and have that one last hug!

We watched our missionary walk forward with the Lord at his side. As we left, silent tears streamed down each of our faces. Our hearts swelled and we already missed him so, but we were proud. More so, we were filled with the Spirit, knowing that our boy is where just where he is meant to be.

We'll miss our little guy, but we know he will accomplish so many things on his mission. He's a blessing to those who have contrite hearts and lost spirits. Like he said, it's not about the number of people baptized, it's about the number of souls who are shown the light. It's about impact. It's about conversion.

Louisiana is blessed to receive my brother.

God speed, Elder Anderson.