Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 30, 2014

Well, [we had transfers again and] it looks like I still get to stay!

I love this! All the members really know me now and love me. It's great to be out here in one area for so long. It really gets you close with the members, which helps the missionary work tremendously!

Things have been interesting lately. The missionaries in our district got in a car accident. Someone ran into them. The have some whiplash but for the most part they are fine. Elder Jenson (in my Thor picture) is going to Brazil in 3 weeks! That's gotta be way cool! He's been here for 9 months now. Elder Stewart (my companion) is a great guy. He really does care about if he's good enough. He asks me all the time - Am I a good companion? The reason why is because he a had a companion who hated him. I just can't stand people being so mean. Like, he's totally okay! Missions are hard enough! I couldn't imagine having to be around someone who hates you all the time for 6 weeks. That would just make life not very fun.

Right now we are the only stable missionary couple in our district. Everyone else has their quirks and need a break from each other. Its great to be able to provide some love and support for everyone. I know we all are here for a reason. I definitely love all these guys.

Our missionary work is starting to progress. We are going to get more Less Actives coming to church now! Which counts as a baptism in my book! We met this sweet old lady. Her name is Ruby Kade. She's a black grandma that took care of 7 grandchildren by herself! She's a boss! She only has 2 now! But it's still crazy! She's got very little, but she sure loves the Lord! We saw her and invited her to listen to the General Conference coming up. She said she would do it. I hope she does!

General Conference is so profound! How many churches actually have a living prophet? How many churches have living Apostles and continuing revelation? Take General Conference very seriously. It literally is God speaking to you - his children. As one investigator said it, "If you have a real-life prophet, I would do anything to hear him speak! Nothing would stop me from shouting with joy that we have the true church."

Sometimes we forget how important these truths are. I love you all! Have a great week!

- Elder Anderson

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