Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Well, transfers are almost over!

It's crazy! I'm probably going to be moved out of the area which is sad, but I know that it will be because I am needed somewhere else.

Elder Stewart keeps telling me I'm going to be an AP (Assistant to the President) which would be so dope! I would love to do all of that! I can't wait for the future of my mission. I hope I can keep trailing and going on. The mission sure is hard but it is most definitely the best thing I can be doing for myself now in my life.

So, the missionary work is starting to pick up now. We are seeing more people and we are starting to coordinate better with the bishop and ward mission leader. Work was really slow and that's probably why I felt down. I'm excited to see all these less actives. One thing that they have in common for their reasoning is because they don't understand. By that I mean they don't understand how important the Scriptures are. A lot of them stop reading and then stop going, or someone offends them. Then they forget the importance of turning the other cheek. Remember we can never ever learn enough of the Gospel. I thought I knew everything before I came out but boy was I wrong. Through studying hours everyday I have learned so much. These truths have become knowledge for me. I wish I could share that love with everyone i come in contact with.

I love you all so much! I hope you all take every chance you get to open your mouths and proclaim the coming of the Messiah.

- Elder Anderson

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