Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 4, 2014

Well, in 10 days I hit my 6 month mark!!! 1/4th done already - wow, time is flying by!

So, I hope I get to spend another transfer in pride and celebrate Christmas with all these amazing people I have met!! I just found out my recent convert went to the temple her first time!! Wow, I got so much joy after hearing that. I swear if you can just get to the temple your faith increases so much! This woman has gotten so knowledgeable so fast. The Holy Ghost is a powerful thing.

I sure love my mission! I have been doing so so so so much better. I'm able to get up on time and keep going through out the day - what a miracle! Before it was a drag to be alive and to get out of bed. I'm so glad the Lord is merciful to me. I love you all so much!

We got to do trunk-or-treat and it was hilarious! I dressed up as a grim reaper and my companion acted dead in the car. We played scary music. The kids were too scared to come over and get candy from us. Haha! And the ones that did we scared them till they pee'd! They were super cute, though! We got one of our members sister Bibb really good! She was talking to some people and we came up behind her and screamed and she screamed like a banshee! Haha! She said she was going to make us pay for that! but it was great!

God bless the Bibbs! Cause they have given us so much meat! i don't know how missionaries survive without getting fed! I sure love these people. They all are so Christ like!

Also i never got to show y'all what I helped them build!! It's insane!!!

- Elder Anderson