Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16, 2014

I can't believe I've been out for 4 months now! Time is going by really fast!

So, this week has been awesome! We are working with Jerri Willey to get her baptized. She's planning on doing that on the 21st! I'm really excited for her. We've been helping her quit smoking! She's been dong awesome - she's 6 days smoke free! She use to smoke 21 cigs a day, but now she smokes 0! God can truly heal and take care of his people when they have a desire.

It's Leopard gecko season! We have like 6 small baby Lunas (geckos) in our house! They are so cute. It makes me feel just like I am back at home. We've been mountain biking a lot lately, also! I went down this one path that I said I would never do because it was like 15 ft straight down and up! It's crazy! I did it! Well, I didn't die but it was fun, and I am never doing that path again! Haha! It's cool being out on your own and learning all these things.

We visited an old couple last night for dinner. They were in their 80s. I asked them how long have y'all been married and he told me 55 years!!! That's insane! I told them - Wow! I could only hope to find love that would last that long! It seems like now a days people view marriage as a contract to get tax refunds or something. It's really sad how people are losing these important qualities. Such as Patience, Communication, Love, Understanding. Anyways I just thought it was a really neat thing to see. Oh, and, she cooks way good food! That's another plus! Man, the old people got the right kind of women! I want to be a cook, also, but it would be nice to come home every now and then have a nice meal on the table! It's cool finding qualities that you want out here, even though I could only hope to think about marriage! I still got 20 more months! Haha!

Anyways, the mission has been going great. I love you all very much!

- Elder Anderson

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