Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 22, 2014

Hey Family,

I love and miss you so much!

The MTC has literally changed my life! Everything is so much easier now and the spirit is so strong! People are telling me they can just see the spirit in my eyes, and when I bare testimony of something they just feel the power! I feel it too! I love this Gospel so much!

I’m so proud of you all for praying! Make sure Amanda writes me. I haven’t gotten anything from her. :( Brooke has been wonderful! The comments you all send to me really help when I get them. PLEASE, PLEASE keep writing me! It doesn’t have to be everyday, but I look forward to hear from you each day!

I want to invite you all to have at least 1 FHE a week on any day. I know it will help you all grow more closer as a family. Keep praying always! I spend at least half my day on my knees praying for help!

We are teaching 4 investigators right now! We got one to commit to baptism, 1 to pray to God and she just cried her eyes out. WOW, such a spiritual experience! The other 2 are still progress but we will get there!

I want you all to grow really close together while I’m gone. I’m realizing how important family is and how I took it for granted. PLEASE develop a spiritual bond with each other furthermore!

One challenge in our MTC is once you get good at something take it one step further. Continue to better yourself. Also write down a goal that you all want to do better as a family and keep it on a place where you all can see it! As you fulfill these you can grow in Spirit with me!

Family, my testimony is so so strong now. Really I’m learning so much. The Spirit really teaches you so much and I want you to come apart of that.

Amanda and Derrik, I challenge you both to prep yourselves for temple work a little bit harder each day. Continue to progress - don’t stay idle! Do more and more!

Mom and Dad, I challenge you both to have companion prayer at night with each other and by yourselves morning and night. Pour your soul to God.

Brooke, I challenge you to keep up your hard work with school don't get discouraged.

We are Andersons!!!! We can do hard things.

I know all is possible through the Lord Jesus Christ. His Grace really is sufficient for all of us. Just try and little and he will do the rest. But you have to make that first step.

Also, Thank you Ken and Darlene for the food! I loved it!

Brooke, the banana pineapple bread is soooooo good! Ahhhhh!!! I loved it.

Really, though, these letters I’m getting are so helpful - thank you for supporting me!

On our first Sunday night we got to talk to Elder Bednar and we asked him questions and had a nice 30 minute discussion about the Gospel. He taught us so much about Christ and His characteristics and now we can apply them. I realized how imperfect I really am. But that’s okay. He talked about how we need to bring ourselves outward and not inward. Focus on others and pay attention to when you are turning inward.

I love you all! Keep writing me please!

In the name of the Son, Jesus Christ, amen.


Elder Anderson

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