Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hello Elder Anderson

Our Bo was set apart Tuesday night by Pres. Tranter as an Elder, called to serve the Lord in the Louisiana Bayon Rouge mission. After that, his sisters bought him his favorite Superman ice cream and we watched movies for the last time for 2 years.

Wednesday was packed with emotion, obviously. Cale, Bo's best friend, joined us in our sleepover and in dropping him off at the MTC. We had breakfast at Village Inn in Provo - where Bo dripped red strawberry sauce from his crepes down his tie. It was pretty funny. Thank heavens for Tide pens!

After that we visited the LDS Provo Utah Temple. The temple's in a truly beautiful and mountainous location. It's back drop is earth and blue sky. It faces Utah Valley and looks out over Utah Lake. It's also a short walk from the MTC.

Family pictures were fun. We are a goofy bunch - and perhaps that's an understatement.

We piled in and headed for the drop off. The workers said to be quick about it - the drop off. Regardless of how much restraint I personally had to stay in the car, I couldn't. He's my baby brother! Of course I'd go to him and have that one last hug!

We watched our missionary walk forward with the Lord at his side. As we left, silent tears streamed down each of our faces. Our hearts swelled and we already missed him so, but we were proud. More so, we were filled with the Spirit, knowing that our boy is where just where he is meant to be.

We'll miss our little guy, but we know he will accomplish so many things on his mission. He's a blessing to those who have contrite hearts and lost spirits. Like he said, it's not about the number of people baptized, it's about the number of souls who are shown the light. It's about impact. It's about conversion.

Louisiana is blessed to receive my brother.

God speed, Elder Anderson.

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