Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

It's good to hear from our Elder!

"We've got 2 people that are trying to get baptized and we got 2 new investigators on, top of a couple more that we already have. We are doing 50+ hours of service a week ... really busy!! I sure miss my family! I found lots of lizards frogs and bugs. I painted a frog! Haha! We were painting for a service project and a frog was in a corner and I didn't know it. I painted him so he's forever different to his kind. I'm journaling a lot more now! I tend to forget the day, though, because you get this curse as a missionary where you can't remember anything. So I literally have to write everything down asap. Anyways, love you!"

Service in the humid, sticky Louisiana air!

Then they found a tank. If you can convert a tank, you can convert anything, Elder! (All in good humor.)

Bo was sent to the right spot! He loves lizards!

So, this is called this the Final Ride. All 400 missionaries in their mission went biking in honor of their Mission President leaving July 1st.

Of course! There has to be a Thor element! Our missionary somehow found a Thor poster, and for some reason, is dressed as the God of Thunder. It's awesome!

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